기업 개요

회사 이름 Nippon Life Insurance Company of America
리더쉽 팀

Takashi Nakayama - President and Chief Executive Officer

Francine Young - Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Bruce Walker - Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer, and Corporate Secretary

Aimee Averill – Senior Vice President, Service, IT Strategy and Project Management

Joe McLaughlin – Vice President, Chief Business Development Officer

James Brone – Vice President, Chief Actuary

Jeffrey Landsman – Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer

Audrey Tomlinson – Vice President, Human Resources and General Services

Kelly Peters – Vice President, Product Development, Network Management and Marketing

Phillip Lavigne, Jr. - 2nd VP, General Counsel

Koichi Tamura – Vice President, Treasury, Investment and Corporate Planning

Yuichi Nakai - Vice President, Global Desk and Global Service

사업 내용 단체 의료보험 및 단체 보조보험 상품
본사 655 Third Avenue, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10017
영업 지점 뉴욕, 뉴저지, 펜실베니아, 애틀랜타, 시카고, 로스앤젤레스, 오하이오
창립 1991년 12월20일
종업원 수 99 (2020년 1월 기준)


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